If you have followed my tourplan on my site you will have seen it’s packed! The last days/weeks have been really intense and I have been flying back and forth through Europe, only yesterday I arrived in Baden Baden Germany after spending a fascinating time in Sevilla Spain and in my home spot in Cadiz on the Atlantic.

There’s so much happening in my life and also in the crypto markets. I believe it’s that time to take some calculated risks and make big gains.

But especially in such times I see life take it’s own turns and plans/strategies have to be adjusted. So it’s that time to take a close look on all your positions.

I say this because this has been so prevalent in my life the last month. A big wake up call for me was when I had to cancel my trip to the UK because of catching a cold after my weekend in Praque and spending to much time in the cold in Munich.

I travel a lot and talk too much most of the time and wrongly expect my body to work 24/7 wwithou proper maintenance. My throatpain really overcame me quick and within a day I couldn’t even swallow anymore. I rebooked flights to go home to Spain immediately to heal and rethink my life. I was honestly in the most excruciating pain for a whole week and if you ever had tonsilitis or angina you know what I mean when I say its lifechanging pain. Last time I had this was 4 years ago when I was working as a kitesurf Instructor everyday while partying, not resting and not caring about nnutrition. looking back I was in an abusive relationship with my body and I got really sick to the point I took 3 antibiotics without avail. It took me over 3 months to recover and missed my opportunity to go to Brasil which I wanted so bad. It later turned out this was on of the biggest lessons of my life. I was forced to more conciousness and as a result also became vegan later which helped me completely recover from my then chronic thoat pain.

So being reminded to that time of my life where a sickness prevented me me from following my plans and dreams I knew I had been doing something wrong. Firstly I swore to be more grateful for my health and my body which is now something I practice in my meditation everyday. I realised I must always put my body first and truly take the best care of my body/temple and my projects/plans and dreams second, no excuses. I realised once more that nothing is worth more to me than my own health and that of my loved ones.

So when uncontrollable circumstances enter my life I remind myself that this is the time to grow and really focus at the potential positive side of the situation instead of the immediate negative effects. for me this is becoming easier as it always turned out that this was what changed my life for the better in insane ways in the past.

I can literally mention at least 4 circumstances in the last 5 weeks where where life at first sight seemingly decided to be against me. But after spending time looking at the new situation I have found really great opportunities that actually benefit me in ways my original plans never could.

Some believe this is Gods guidance. While I don’t disagree or agree I do think that opening our conciousness to accept a new perspective without regret enables us to grow and actually allow for incredible leaps forward that later will seem like a shortcuts. This can be applied to any situation you feel helpless in and when you feel like things seem to be working against you.

Just Yesterday I missed my connection to Zürich and while my tickets where expensive and I had to cancel an important meeting, I got to see my amazing sister, my little baby niece and great friends I haven’t seen in years! I was also able to rest and recover from a sleepless night and my early flight. I found out that day that I would I would have forgotten to take a bunch of things with me as well and today I’m much better prepared even though my meeting in Zürich is not happening anymore.

But today I am continuing the flow again and while writing this I’m on my way to Switzerland! Life has been crazy for me and it’s getting more real everyday. I’m living my dream and this December Im opening my first kiteschool in Cancun and it’s happening fast. And with this project I have been more concious of the before mentioned than ever before. But its all coming together and everything is in its own perfect flow. Theres some big news still to be shared regarding our equipment partners. Coming soon!

After Switzerland and Lichtenstein I’m on my way to Cologne to meet with masterminds in watersportcenter management for 4 full days. The plan is to get my school fully accredited before the launch and I’m looking forward to meeting more great connections within this organization to take my project kitelesson.org to the next level! .

At the same time my personal brand and my consulting services with its shop and affiliate online platform has gone live. Im very proud of this and me and my team are excited to be helping people build their their online businesses and hopefully welcome many new digital nomads to the feedomfinder Lifestyle in 2019!

I work very hard on every project Im involved in and spent all my time working. So I am always very happy about the help I receive from my team and the support of my partners.

Outsourcing is a huge part of actually making a profitable online business. I’m currently also working on our new peoduct all about outsourcing specific workflows to qualified professionals so you can leverage your time. Personally I think the most important one when beginning your online business journey is time management.

The new product I will be offering on this topic will help you to manifest your plans quicker with a lot less sstres, professional guidance and clear results.

As always I will be offering the first 10 clients an insane discount in return for their reviews. If your interested in being one of the first 10 or you want to pay me with services you offer please contact me directly.

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