Freedom through decentralised Lifestyle

- Travelling the World on online Income -

I believe travelling truly opens all eyes. 

To find anything you must first go look and see. 
A Freedomfinder lives the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle.
  • 2012 is when my financial independence began when I was 17 and at the time I became an exchange student in Washington. I had to finance the year abroad. This is when I started creating income streams for the first time in my life through different jobs and services. Immediately after my year in the USA my athletic experience in multiple sports allowed me to share my skills and I became an Instructor and Coach.

  • Over the next years my income portfolio diversified. My passion of professional coaching in kitesurfing allowed for more travelling which turned into intensive management of multiple startups, projects and financial assets. In 2016 with the Bitcoin boom I was able to live exclusively from my investments and started my true digital nomad lifestyle. The goal of my travels has not changed, and I continue to travel all over the world while creating decentralised income.

  • Currently I offer multiple products and services in the field of Internet Business and Kitesurfing and run this website as a base for my mission to enable the digital nomad lifestyle to as many people as possible.


I travel the world and Im passionate about getting to know new perspectives and seeing it from all sides. I believe travelling enables me to understand everything better.

Film Maker

I capture moments of my life while travelling and I love sharing stories. Im working on my weekly Vlog with insightful knowledge and a fun time travelling over on my Youtube Channel.


I love to promote great products and services. Together with the most talented creators, artists and experts I strive to share their true value.


I love to share with my community of Freedomfinders and fellow business owners. I share methods and tips for easier geographical and financial freedom.


I focus on strategy evaluation and optimisation for my clients which means Im constantly analysing business opportunities with the most experienced Experts in the fields!


I am Chief Technology Officer of Top4You Academy and with the T4 DEV Team I am developing automised web systems with the hottest tech available.

What my Partners say

  • Lucas introduced to me to Bitcoin in 2016 when I just wanted to make some extra money on the side. Now I have quit my job and Im right now living from my online income! Lucas and the Top4You Team have provided me with such valuable information that I am grateful for having such great Partners.

    Michael K.

  • Lucas is always travelling. It amazed me for years how he financed such a lifestyle.. haha now I know how to do it too! I love Freedomfinders thanks Lucas!!

    Jeniffer H.

  • I am happy to have Lucas and his Team and look forward to the next project. Lucas and Ankan solved all  problems on our existing site. Especially happy about the PHP Coding and WordPress customisations! We also set up our crypto payments and we are finally growing traffic. It only took 2 days to get to 100 web visits. Thanks to Lucas Im now at over 8000 monthly visits.

    Jens L.

I am involved in projects across the globe!

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I love to get involved in great Projects and share the stoke!
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Who is Lucas Walden

Lucas is an IT Engineer and International Businessman. By 2015 he was one of the first and youngest digital Crypto Nomads traveling the world on Internet Income. 44 countries later he keeps sharing his vision of a free world and solutions across Europe and North America. Today Lucas lives half the year in his new home in Tulum Mexico and follows his passion kitesurfing while managing exciting Projects and growing and maintaining his international network of partners and friends.

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