I created this site to reveal the ways and techniques I use in my life to grow my internet business, maintain my travel and digital nomad lifestyle.
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My experience in Crypto Currency since 2013 combined with over 1 decade of Websystem Development presented me with a unique opportunity to grow with cryptocurrency and online business in the last 2 years. In 2017 I became CTO of the internationally recognized information platform which specializes in Online Business. Top4You Academy is an open source wealth management that has been sharing insider knowledge on Bitcoin and Precious Metals since 2016. As CTO my focus is to make it as easy and as fast as possible for our Top4You Partners to create and grow diversified online income streams.


Cryptos provide a chance for the people to be more mobile, flexible and independent. The motto is be your own bank. Of course there are risks and its important to be as informed as possible. I offer consulting in all aspects of crypto currency and technology. If you want to get started, visit our free online academy here: Top4You Academy

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Website Development

Having an online presence is essential if you plan to have an online business. Its just part of it. I have years of development experience in WordPress and PHP and Blockchain Programming. This is not necessary for building your online presence and websites and most of the time not worth the effort. I really recommend this 1 for all solution which lets you quickly built websites and marketing content without years of studying. It will make your life as an online marketer or internet business owner so much easier here: Online Business Builder 

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Travel Community
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World Travel

I love to travel and widen my perspective meet amazing people and places. Here and in my facebook group Freedomfinders I share how I manage to live anywhere and share strategies and methods that have already worked for hundreds. While creating content from around the world connecting with Friends, Specialists and Experts, Im always looking for opportunities and shortcuts to a more fun and healthy life for me and my community. Freedomfinders stands for endless travelling and global adventures financed by online business.


I share my tricks and what works for my Business online and offline. If you want to become an independent business owner, travel more or generally want a community to support your digital nomad lifestyle join my the community here:  @FREEDOMFINDERS

Funtime Athletics & Health


Professional Coaching
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In 2006 while living in Cabarete Dominican Republic I was introduced to kitesurfing which changed my life forever. From local to international kiteboarding competitons my love to the sport led me to become a certified Instructor in 2013. My independent borderless lifestyle began and I travelled the world teaching hundreds how to have fun with the elements. My experience in the sport allowed me to become an international professional with experience from managing kiteschools and camps. Today with my newest company Kitemore I try to make kitesurfing more accessible  and fun with high quality services on the best spots worldwide. 

Kitesurf School

Let me show you what paradise Island looks like. Come visit our kiteschool on El Cuyo! Find me there and lets cruise the warm turqouise waters on the endless beach of this ancient mayan paradise together.

More info @ kitelesson.org


I have been lucky to get to know many top spots of the sport and below are my suggestions for great kitesurfing and kiteschools. I have made some good friends at these places make sure to say hi for me when you go! 😉

Isla Holbox, Mexico

La Ventana, Mexico

Tarifa, Spain

Cabarete, Domincan Republic

Kailua Hawaii, USA

Lago di Garda, Italy

Soma Bay, Egypt

Aruba Southern Carribean, Kingdom of Netherlands

Hood River Oregon, USA